Concrete Acid Staining

Polished Concrete Systems, Inc. has extensive experience with concrete acid staining of commercial flooring and polished concrete flooring. Once our concrete acid staining and polishing process is complete, you no longer have to be concerned about the acid stains walking off as you do with a sealer or wax application. Concrete acid staining is composed of two main components, acids and metallic salts. The acid opens the pores of the concrete allowing the penetration of the metallic salts.

  • The metallic salts chemically interact with the calcium hydroxide in the cement to produce a permanent color change that penetrates the surface of concrete floors.
  • Concrete acid staining is limited to eight colors and variations of each. The colors are generally earth tone in nature. Multiple colors can be achieved through a variety of methods. Our polished concrete system, along with concrete acid staining, will give the concrete a translucent permanent variegated mottled look that is UV stable. Concrete acid staining is an excellent way to change the color of existing uncolored or colored concrete commercial flooring that has been in place for at least 28 days.
  • The concrete acid staining and our eco friendly concrete polishing systems are far superior to any acid stain and sealer application. Moisture will not cloud the appearance and there is no possibility of peeling or delaminating as with sealers. We offer a warranty for material and labor.




Polished Concrete Systems currently covers the following areas:
Delaware, DE, Maryland, MD, Ohio, OH, Pennsylvania, PA, Virginia, VA and Washington DC

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