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Polished concrete flooringOne of the many advantages to using polished concrete flooring systems is the fact that they are environmentally safe. No solvents or volatile organic compounds are used in these concrete polishing systems. They are odorless, non-flammable, and non-toxic systems. These green concrete products qualify for the LEED program at the highest levels. These systems have earned PLATINUM, GOLD, and SILVER on numerous projects.

These concrete polishing systems use a modified water-based sodium, lithium and potassium silicate. They work by chemically interacting with the calcium hydroxide in the cement component of concrete. We are not creating a topical floor covering, nor are we creating a flooring product that will require extensive maintenance, stripping, on-going topical treatments or future disposal in a landfill. We are simply utilizing natural products to enhance the performance of other natural products (concrete floors), and we do it in a safe, environmentally friendly and cost efficient way

The green concrete products and polishing systems we use specifically address the environmental issue of air quality. They have no VOC content. The application creates no odors. Furthermore, polished concrete floors will not support combustion, so they will not produce toxic fumes or smoke. Polished concrete flooring creates no off-gassing. The maintenance of polished concrete flooring consists of a dust mop, damp mop, or automatic scrubber with a mild detergent. No harsh chemicals are used to maintain polished concrete floors and there is no on-going waxing, or coating, as with other floor coverings. Not only does polished concrete flooring decrease maintenance costs and eliminate harsh detergents and waxes, but it will also decrease electricity costs through the benefit of its increased light reflectivity.Polished Concrete

  • Optimize Energy Performance
    • Polished concrete flooring allows the advantage of utilizing the thermal mass of concrete in heating and cooling
    • Polished concrete floors provide the ability to increase the benefit of ambient, natural lighting, and/or reduce the required lampage
  • Building Reuse / Construction Waste Management / Recycled Content
    • Existing Buildings – what is better environmental stewardship than to reuse the existing concrete floor
    • New or Existing Buildings – we are not wasting the materials or energy required to produce a floor covering or topical coating
  • VOC / IAQ / Long Term Maintenance
    • Polished concrete flooring has zero VOC content
    • Many studies indicate that indoor air quality is enhanced with properly maintained hard surfaces versus carpet
    • Polished concrete floors do not support combustion, nor produce smoke or toxic fumes
  • Life Cycle Cost
    • Third party sources show polished concrete flooring to be the lowest life cost flooring option available


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